On a dark and stormy night, the computer technician Adam is called
to a remote monastery high up in the mountains.

He is asked to shut down an old, computer-like machine,
which endlessly calculates permutations of the names of the Lord.

The monks believe that the Antichrist has been captured in a vast underground cave
beneath their monastery. There, he is guarded by their prayers since the beginning of time.

As long as they calculate and recite the names of the Lord, the gate to hell will remain closed.
But now the machine has failed.

Fear and terror falls over the brotherhood. Some of the monks believe that shutting the machine
down will finally put an end to a religious delusion which has no place in modern times.
In their opinion, the gate to hell is only a myth.

Others fear that without the calculations of the machine,
the gate will open and let the captured Antichrist out.

And yet others believe that only a newborn child, a Messiah, will be able to save them at all.
A Messiah, born from an immaculate virgin.

One of the monks finally manages to persuade ADAM to shut the machine down. He wants to teach his brothers a lesson and prove that they live in religious delusion.

But as it turns out, his plan is all different and full of evil.

The dark prophecy takes its course...

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